Here are some photos from my trips abroad...


Oymyakon 1996-97

I was 3 months as a part of expedition to East-Siberian village of Oymyakon which is also known as a cold pole of northern hemisphere.


South Pole 1998-99

My hobby, halo observing and halo research, make one of my old dream of going to Antarctica come true. And not only to Antarctica but to Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station which is at the geographical South Pole. I was a member of recearsh project and I was able to spend more than 2 months at the South Pole.


New Zealand 1999

While returning from South Pole I spend 10 days in New Zealand and I traveled from Christchurch to Auckland by land. That was a nice trip.


Prague 2009
I was participating a Bolides and Meteorite Falls conference in Prague in May 2009. (Sorry, but the page is still only in Finnish)