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Country Finland
CoordinatesLat. N 63°09' Long.E 23°42'
Diameter km 17.0
Age Ma or date 76.2 ±0.29
Synonyms Lake Lappajärvi
Remarks Largest impact structure in Finland. Impactor most probably H chondrite. Melt rocks contain average of 0.34 wt% material from impactor.

40Ar/39Ar age is from Schmieder 2013 and it is the most reliable age for the Lappajärvi impact. That same study suggest that hydrothermal activity due to hot impact melt lasted 0.6-1.6 Ma after the impact. Earlier age for Lappajärvi was from U/Pb dating and it gave age of 73.3 ±5.3 Ma (Mänttäri 2001).
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