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Country Finland
CoordinatesLat. N 62°13' Long.E 25°14'
Diameter km 1.4
Age Ma or date 245.0 ±15.0
Synonyms Lake Karikkoselkä
Remarks Shatter cones in coarse granite and lithic breccia boulders can been found from shore of this small round lake. Shatter cones also occurs in situ. PDFs in quartz has been found in drill core samples.

Present day diameter of the crater is between 1.2 to 1.5km but according to shatter cone occurences outside that suggest that original diameter may have been at least twice as much (about 3-4 km). Age is from Uutela 2001 but it is compination of that study and earlier paleomagnetic studies. Maximum age from microfossil dating is 458-449 Ma and other than 230-260 Ma paleomagnetic ages where older than that.
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