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Country Sweden
CoordinatesLat. N 62°17' Long.E 17°29'
Diameter km 9.5
Age Ma or date 600-1200
Synonyms Åvike Bay
Remarks There has been studies of Åviken. For some strange reason researchers does not claim structure confirmed even after they present very convincing evidences. I hope this will be fixed soon.
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Henkel 2005 Henkel H. et.al., ''Åvike Bay - a 10 km Diameter Possible Impact Structure at the Bothnian Sea Coast of Central Sweden'', Impact Tectonics, Springer (2005)
Preeden 2010 Preeden U., Kirs J. and Plado J., "Paleomagnetic and mineralogical study of Mg-carbonatite microbreccia veins from possible impact structure at Åvike Bay area, Sweden", NGF Abstracts and Proceedings, no. 1, p.151 (2010)
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