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Country Finland
CoordinatesLat. N 65°17' Long.E 28°25'
Diameter km 2.2
Age Ma or date 600.0 - 1 980.0
Remarks Diameter of depression is 1.4 - 1.5 km but diameter of geological signs of impact (e.g. shatter cones) can be found in over 2.1 - 2.2 km wide area. About 140 meter deep epression is filled with a sedimentary rocks rare to this region.

Although age is given as 600-1980 Ma, it is possible that the age is younger than 600 Ma. Reason for earlier estimates is that crater fill sediments are about 600 Ma old. But it seems possible that these sediments where already there when impact happens and sediments fill the crater later from outside. One reason for this explanation is that there is pdf's ion quartz even in top most portion of crater fill sediments.
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